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Good News for Slyers Lane Wind Farm Proposal in Dorset

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Good News!

Dorchester Town Council and Charminster Parish Council have voted in support of Slyers Lane Wind Farm in Dorset, as consultees. 

Good coverage in Dorset Echo on January 7th of Dorchester 2015’s meeting – even if voting numbers not accurate – 8 (not 6) councillors in favour to 3 opposed.


Stinsford Parish Council Meeting – Monday 12th January, 7pm at the Old Library at Kingston Maurward College, Stinsford near Dorchester (main building).

If you are a resident in Stinsford, or know someone who is, come along and give your support.

Too busy before Christmas to write in?
It’s not too late to be part of the public consultation!

Online comments and letters received in mid-January will still be included.
Go to:
Two clicks to the planning application and add your comment. Takes 10 minutes.

For Facebook users, join West Dorset Pro Wind Group for up to date wind energy news at:

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  • vince adams comments:
    "What amazingly good news that the Councils are finally supporting local energy initiatives. The Slyers Lane project is excellent will provide a huge amount of energy and at very little cost to the landscape.
    Come on people wake up, its our future we are fighting for not a silly nimby reaction. "

    January 14, 2015 a 5:35 pm


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Meeting in Support of Blandford Hill Wind Farm Proposal

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Meeting in Support of Blandford Hill Wind Farm Proposal

On Wednesday the 9th July at 7 pm there is going to be a meeting at the Woodhouse Pavilion in Blandford in support of the proposed 3 turbine wind farm at Blandford Hill (site proposed 1km from Winterborne Whitechurch).

West Dorset Pro Wind group will be attending to share their experience – in supporting through letters of support to the planning committee and so forth.

The poster for the meeting can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Poster for 9th July meeting


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Slyer’s Lane Wind Farm – News

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Broadview Energy’s proposed Slyer’s Lane Wind Farm – News

During the coming weeks Broadview are organising meetings in and around Charminster to help all local people understand the issues and opportunities associated with the proposed project.

23rd June at 5.30pm at Herrison Hall, Charlton Down discussing the plans for community benefits and finding residents who are interested in owning a stake in the Wind Farm.

7th July again at Herrison Hall to discuss the matter of TV reception and signals with independent experts talking through what steps they are taking to insure that this will not effect local residents.

25th July at Herrison Hall discussing the planning process and how everyone in the area can get involved.

The meetings offer a wonderful opportunity for discussion and gaining a real understanding of the issues and advantages for the wider community.

Time for all to replace myth with facts and taking power of our future.

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