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Green Energy Conservation Tips 101

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Green Energy Conservation Tips 101s

There are many ways and techniques used to save energy so we can make our bills significantly lower, including reducing our carbon footprint and more. But it takes some knowledge and work to pull it off successfully.

The following tips will give you the necessary knowledge so you can help cleaning the pollution by improving your overall energy efficiency.

Eliminating incandescent light bulbs

They have been around for pretty much over a hundred years, but they are slowly losing ground to other, more efficient solutions out there and what they have to offer. For the most part they tend to do their job; however their energy efficiency is quickly becoming obsolete, due to converting much of their power into heat instead of simple light. If you want to take your green energy efficiency up a notch, then you will need to remove them and replace them with something more efficient, such as LED, fluorescent or halogen lights. They will both have a longer life and better energy consumption rate than the pioneers of electric light.

Sealing leaks

If you feel a draft around your home, then this means you likely have a breach in your walls or ceiling that allows air to escape into the outside world. Poor insulation around most home is one of the chief reasons why you may be battling a higher energy bill. If you want to get the bills down, then you will need to insulate all areas the best way you can. You can identify these by hiring a professional to do a thermographic inspection of your home, noting problem areas and tackling them later. Plus sealing the leaks will prevent the dirt coming to your home and will make your house cleaning easier.

Turn off appliances you don’t need

If you have ever heard the term vampire energy, then you are likely aware this has nothing to do with fictional beings, but it concerns the small draw all appliances have, constantly sucking energy off the grid even when they’re in standby mode. Get into the habit of unplugging your TV, electronics and anything else that doesn’t really need to be plugged in to function right. Energy conservation habits like this will improve your power consumption in the long run. In addition, cleaning your appliances regularly will make them more efficient.

Using energy efficient window panes

If you have poor insulation, then you will experience a lot of heat loss through your windows, so you would do well to replace them with something that works better and stops the heat loss. There are many ways you can do this, but thankfully there are plenty of companies that work with this type of window solutions out there. UV-filtered glass is also an excellent addition to the windows, as they will keep the most harmful of the sun’s rays out of your home, sparing your furniture and personal belongings from harm. However, you will need to be extra careful when cleaning your windows, because this type of glass is more vulnerable to scratches. You can hire a professional cleaning company to avoid any damages. The better windows also have a gas insulation inside that prevents heat loss with a significantly better success than the usual, old-fashioned windows used in the past. You will likely need the help of an experienced handyman to get something like this done, as well as any other projects such as appliance repair, electrical services, home repairs and other odd-jobs that need doing, so consider looking for one.

This post is by Guest Energizer Sofia Lewis for Cleaning Domestic Cleaners Ltd. who offer eco-friendly cleaning services. She is a passionate freelance article writer and blogger. She is inspired by home improvement projects and writes mainly about cleaning, green living home solutions, removals and other home related topics.

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  • Evans Energy Solutions comments:
    "These are brilliant energy conservation tips! Good job putting these together. We will share this through our social media channels for you. "
    September 17, 2015 a 11:35 am

  • Gillian comments:
    "Brilliant basic tips guys- I actually think the simplest things i.e. switching off a light when you leave a room, turning everything off as opposed to leaving it on standby and so on can make a huge difference but a lot of homeowners consider this and switching to energy efficient bulbs as a pointless move- it’s a shame that more don’t understand how the smallest changes can have the biggest impact "
    March 23, 2015 a 9:59 am


Lets Get Energized says:
Dorset Renewable Energy Installers NGPS Nominated in the National Renewable Awards 2012

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National Renewable Awards 2012
Thursday 13th September

This years National Renewable Awards 2012 to be held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on the 13th September will be hosted by Gabby Logan with a top comedian, and we are very pleased to hear that Dorset Renewable Energy Installation Specialists NGPS (Nick Good Property Services) have been shortlisted in 2 categories – for Best Energy Efficiency Project and Best Residential Renewables Project for the Renscombe Estate.

Last years event was hosted by Julia Bradbury and Michael McIntryre at the same Venue in September 2011, and NGPS Ltd of Poole were the only Dorset company to get through the selection process and be invited to the glittering black tie event where they won Best Southern Installer. This year NGPS are again the only Dorset company to get shortlisted and invited to the finals evening.

There are now over 5000 Microgeneration Approved (MCS) contractors in the UK and these were responsible for more than 150,000 renewable installations in the last year. NGPS installed two Danfoss ground source heat pumps systems with 600m of collector coils, a 12kW ground mounted PV system and reduced 10kw of lighting load down to 800 watts with use of LED light fittings supplied by LED ZIP lighting of Bournemouth. This has resulted in a Purbeck Estate reducing its annual energy costs from £18,000 a year to only £1,600.

NGPS is a family run electrical and renewables installation business who have built their reputation on high quality installations, and their recognition at the awards proves that quality of installation is the way forward! Pictures of last year’s awards event are on the NGPS website at:

25% Early Bird Discount on the Awards Night – confirm your interest by 5pm Friday 10th August!

• First-come, First-served Positioning
• Drinks & Networking reception
• Host: Gabby Logan
• Comedian/s: Revealed on the Evening
• 3 Course Meal including Drinks Package
• Live Band & Disco
• Late Night Casino

For full details of the Awards and the full shortlist visit the website:

And of course we wish NGPS the very best of luck in this year’s awards…


Lets Get Energized says:
Climate change drop-in dicussions in Dorchester 23rd May & Bridport 24th May

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Pop along to a public drop-in sessions in Dorchester or Bridport to discuss how a grant from the Big Lottery could help local communities become more sustainable and to help tackle climate change.

This is your chance to see where community groups and residents can help shape the Communities Living Sustainably project.

Dorchester Corn Exchange
Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Drop in any time from 2 to 7pm

Bridport Town Hall
Thursday 24 May 2012
Drop in any time from 2 to 7pm


The Communities Living Sustainably project aims to make the two towns of Dorchester and Bridport, and surrounding rural parishes, more sustainable in the face of climate change. Funding has already been awarded to develop the project, and it is hoped that Dorchester and Bridport will be one of ten areas across the country to be awarded a substantial grant to tackle issues such as local food production, home energy efficiency, community sustainable energy and work with schools.

Visitors to the drop-in sessions will be able to find out more about existing projects and help shape new ones. They will also be able to meet representatives from the partner organisations which include DA21, the West Dorset Partnership, the Dorset Coast Forum, Dorset County Council, Rural-Net and Dorset Community Action.

For further information about the Communities Living Sustainably project contact Dorset Community Action on 01305 250921 or Simon Thompson on 07974 723087.

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