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How to Reduce Energy Consumption – We Need Solutions Like Tesla Powerwall

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How to reduce energy consumption or how to improve energy efficiency are pertinent questions that need to be addressed sooner rather than later considering the pace at which we are moving towards an energy-deprived world. Most people are not overly concerned because they don’t see any imminent danger – Or they aren’t aware of the current state of affairs concerning energy usage across the world. On the other hand, there are individual and organizations that are working overtime to find solutions to the growing energy-consumption/energy-efficiency problem.

Robert Llewellyn, British, actor, writer, and presenter, has installed the Tesla Powerwall and upgraded the solar power system in home for sustainable and uninterrupted energy production day and night. The Powerwall is a set of batteries that stores the excessive solar energy produced during the day, but not used in that time. It utilizes this stored solar energy to power your home after the sun sets. You have a self-powered home that is not reliant on external energy resources for its daily power needs.

The Powerwall not only makes you use energy resources more efficiently but helps you save a lot on energy bills too. It is solutions like the Powerwall that are going to make a difference in our bid to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency – And we need people like Robert who accept the challenges we are currently facing and are ready to make necessary amends to overcome them.


Adding Colors to the Colorless Electricity, Giving Wings to the World for a Flying Tomorrow!

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Higher than ever, but not just too close to the Sun!

The world today is not the world we want our kids to live in and certainly not our grandchildren to catch a tiny wisp of!


Conventional energy is dying its slow painful death, and if we don’t take a bold step today, maybe our future generation won’t see the light of another day!

How will they, if we continue to produce the millions of volumes of thick black smoke that we are producing today without even a twinge of remorse!

Old habits die hard, and newer mediums are even harder to accept, but that’s what has been the only cause of our survival on this planet, i.e., Change!

It’s an irony that the word that literally means change is constant in all our endeavours, and that’s exactly what we need to do today!

Give up the million years old fossil fuel and adapt to the modern idea of green energy!

Green energy can be made by everything that doesn’t let out hazardous carbon and cuts out the cost of production, e.g., air, water, sunshine, sustainable bio-organizations, etc.

In the UK, there are two pioneer companies who are working towards the heavenly cause of making this environment a little more breathable, namely Good Energy and Ecotricity.

These two organizations provide 100% renewable energy, and if you own an electric car, then you’re liable to receive an equivalent of 1000 free miles of electricity each year once you choose to avail the benefits of Ecotricity green electricity + car tariff. Not just that, you’ll receive a lifetime free membership of Ecotricity electric highway project, which means you can easily find out the electric charge points on your way and don’t have to wait for your car to get fully-charged whenever you leave home!

Wanna know how we know this much?

Simply, research!

We are a bunch of nature geeks who work tirelessly towards bringing you the best green energy information to cut down yours and nature’s expenses!

More information available on the homepage, click away right now!


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