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Vince Adams says:
Dorset Energized’s Vince test drives the new BMW i3 electric car

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Earlier this week I was invited to test drive the new BMW i3 electric car.

It’s a great car, as fast as anything I have ever driven (although I do love my Nissan LEAF) and fully spec’d to high BMW standards. Range only 90 miles and you will have to curb speed to achieve mileage. Great for towns and cities, it’s just the new way to travel!

Living a more rural life I shall wait and see the new Rex version in March 2014 which with a little help from petrol can extend range to well over 150 miles.

I shall ask BMW to post full technical data in due course…

Good Energy have also just announced a partnership with BMW i to promote greener electric driving – read more on:

So book your test drive locally and enjoy the drive of your life!


Lets Get Energized says:
South West Renewable Energy Installer Launches Fuel Cell Product at The National Renovation Centre

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Renewable energy company Ace Energy held the official launch of their partnership with BlueGen manufacturers – Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd during the Mitsubishi Electric Renewables Roadshow.

The event held at the National Renovation Centre on 31st October presented the benefits of combining electricity generating fuel cells with air source heat pumps.

BlueGen is the world’s most efficient, small-scale electricity generator, delivering up to 60 per cent electrical efficiency. BlueGen delivers 13,000 kilowatt-hours of low-emission electricity per year which is the equivalent output of around 12 kWp of solar PV. Being a combined heat and power generator it will also provide 200 litres of domestic hot water per day increasing its efficiencies to 85 per cent. Considering that a power station delivers maximum efficiencies of just 30 per cent BlueGen is a significant development for onsite microgeneration. It has a wide operating range and as it works day and night – through summer and winter – it can be used to balance electricity from intermittent renewable sources such as solar and wind.

Keith Joynes of Ceramic Fuel Cells explained that when installed alongside a heat pump technology like the Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan® significant savings can be made on energy bills. Keith told the Renewable Roadshow audience – which ranged from self-builders and green energy consultants to housing association and local authority executives – that together the two technologies can have a significant impact on reducing fuel poverty and carbon emissions. One of the major attractions for the social housing sector is that BlueGen installations and their ongoing maintenance can be fully funded through an ESCO scheme. This means that a residential social landlord can address issues of fuel poverty and pollution without having to meet the costs themselves.

Ace Energy have built a strong working relationship with Mitsubishi Electric since it originally launched Ecodan in the UK seven years ago and are now extending the benefits renewable heating offers by bringing BlueGen to market.

Ace Energy MD Alan Seviour commented:

“We are pleased and proud to be appointed as the regional distributor and installer of BlueGen. This unique technology promises to become a major contributor to the UK energy mix with the capability of providing crucial support of our dwindling electricity supply as aging UK power stations close. We have always been several steps ahead within the energy efficiency marketplace and BlueGen is our latest example of the innovative approach we take in our business. The technology will take an important position within our portfolio of low carbon services and we intend to place it prominently on the green energy map across the areas we cover in the South West of England and the South Wales regions.”

For more information on BlueGen visit or

For information on Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan visit


Paul McIntosh says:
Addressing health through energy efficiency pays

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Excess Winter Deaths claimed an estimated 24,000 lives in England and Wales in 2011/12 and, although we do not fully understand all the reasons behind these figures, we know that some of them are caused by people living in cold homes.

Recent research by the Department of Climate Change has started to quantify the health benefits of installing energy efficiency measures in improving thermal comfort of homes. In a resource stretched environment unfortunately health issues often come down to basic cost/benefit analysis – and for that you require research and figures.

However initial research is very positive for energy efficiency measures impact on health.  DECCs research has suggest that installing Cavity wall insulation has a financial benefit of £969 NPV (net present value) which, considering the average cost of this measure is generally about £500, indicates a good investment overall. Therefore saving money for public services which are providing healthcare.

Also an interesting new term for the author is ‘quality-adjusted life years’ – which is a measure used and defined by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) for assessing the benefits from new drugs. Essentially if a drug costs more than £20,000-£30,000 (which is apparently the quantified benefit of a ‘quality-adjusted life year) then it is not likely to be issued.

Whatever your views on these kind of measurements – with the movement of Public Health into Local Authorities there is potentially more scope to work with this agenda in promoting and undertaking energy efficiency measures to improve health outcomes.

Perhaps in the future we can all be asking our GP’s for prescriptions for loft insulation? Benefiting the planet as well as our own health and addressing a terrible statistic still occurring in our nation.

Energy efficiency saves you your health!

Energy efficiency saves you your health!


Paul McIntosh says:
da21 Annual General Meeting

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All welcome to Dorset green charity’s annual get together on Saturday 23 November

· Keynote talk from Hugo House of Good Energy on renewable energy in Dorset at da21’s Annual General Meeting

· Hear the latest on a £1 million project to promote greener living and help tackle climate change in West Dorset.

A keynote speech from Hugo House, of Good Energy and the latest on a £1million project to promote greener living in West Dorset are two great reasons to come along to da21’s Annual General Meeting.

The event takes place in St. George’s Church Hall, Fordington, Dorchester, at 10.30am on 23 November and is free to everyone.

da21 is an environmental charity that works with local people, businesses, education, government and other organisations to encourage sustainable living in Dorset. Da21, in collaboration with local partners from the voluntary, statutory and business sectors, recently secured £960,000 to work with communities in Dorchester, Bridport and surrounding areas.

Good Energy are a South West company, based in Wiltshire and were the first dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier. They supply over 35,000 customers and support over 55,000 homes, business and communities generating their own energy.

“I’d encourage anyone who has an interest in environmental issues to come along,” says da21’s Chairman Andrew Barker. “It’s a great chance to hear some inspirational thinking, catch up on how we’re working for a greener Dorset and meet like-minded people over a bit of lunch.”

da21’s AGM is at St.George’s Church Hall, High Street Fordington, Dorchester, DT1 1LB 10.30am-1pm, on Saturday 23 November.


da21s logo

da21s logo


Paul McIntosh says:
Free draughtbusters workshops in Bridport 16th November

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Draught Busters Poster

Save fuel, save money, save the environment. Draughts are responsible for up to 15% of heat loss in the home. The discomfort from cold draughts can make homes feel even colder. Transition Town Bridport are hosting two free workshops to help cut your bills this winter, demonstrating effective, low cost ways to save fuel and make your home more comfortable.

They will show you how to make thermal curtain liners without a sewing machine and how to draught-proof your home.

Both workshops will be held in the Chapel in the Garden, 13 East St, Bridport DT6 3JX.

Workshop 1 – Curtains
10:00am Saturday 9th November 2013

How to make a pair of simple thermal liners to beef-up your existing curtains into cold stoppers. Also, how to turn duvet covers into curtains. You will receive free thermal lining material, which does not need hemming, for one of your windows. Please give us the dimensions of your window openings and existing curtains before the workshop.

The liners are made by ironing curtain tape on to the liner with hemming tape and then reinforcing the tape with a minimal number of stitches.

The tools you will need to make thermal liners at home are an iron, hemming tape and a needle and thread.

Workshop 2 – Draught-proofing
10:00am Saturday 16th November 2013

How to draught-proof your windows and doors using professional quality draught-proofing strips. Funding has enabled us to provide materials for the workshop and allow you to buy the materials at less than half the retail price.

The tools you will need to draught-proof your home are a pair of secateurs, a small hacksaw, a tape measure and a small hammer.

For further details or to book a place on or Chit Chong on 01297 445682


Paul McIntosh says:
Learn about Powerstar energy efficiency in Bournemouth 12th November

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Powerstar Cutout

Learn about Powerstar energy efficiency in Bournemouth EMSc (UK) Ltd, British manufacturer of the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation systems, is inviting business in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas to attend a free seminar to learn how to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

Date: 12th November 2013

Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm

Venue: Best Western Connaught Hotel, West Hill Road, West Cliff, Bournemouth, BH2 5PH

Cost: Free Book online:

The focus of the event will be on energy management and sustainability and will include a presentation by Mr Dean Watt, regional business development manager (South West England) for EMSc (UK) Ltd, who will provide a Continuing Professional/ Personal Development (CPD) certified overview of commercial voltage optimisation and its associated benefits, which include energy savings, reduced carbon emissions, and financial returns.

Mr Watt commented “The event will serve as a great platform for demonstrating voltage optimisation as a credible energy saving technology. Products like Powerstar are a simple, cost-efficient way to control a building’s incoming voltage in order to maximise energy savings.” There will be an opportunity to network both before and after the seminar, which includes a buffet lunch, and attendees will be awarded with training certificates and self-assessment forms on completion of the event.

Bookings can also be made via or by calling 01142 576 200, or by emailing

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  • Powerstar comments:
    "Thanks for the mention of our seminar Paul, and indeed thank you to any readers who attended. For business owners interested in energy saving whom were unable to attend, we have now released our early 2014 events schedule. Although we don’t have any current plans for another Bournemouth seminar, we encourage readers to keep checking the Powerstar website for future events. This year will also see us embark on a webinar schedule so those interested in voltage optimisation as an energy saving measure can learn more about the technology from the comfort of their home or office. Please see for more information. "
    January 29, 2014 a 11:24 am


Vince Adams says:
Energize Stur Valley meets Bob Walter MP to discuss renewable energy in Dorset

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Over 40 years ago I launched ‘Vegeburgers’ to an unsuspecting bunch of consumers and although the product didn’t suit everyone it was crucial in the fact that today over 40% of the population actively avoid eating meat 2 to 3 times per week and the popularity of vegetarian food has increased dramatically.

Some 20 years later I also spearheaded the first Supermarket launches of authentic chilled Indian meals and whoosh the market took off and today represents upwards of one billion poundsworth of sales per year.

My new passion is renewable energy and I consider that today’s consumers are just as keen to get involved as earlier generations getting Vegetarian or Indian foods rolling. How you sell food is pretty much the same as renewables. You put great quality out there and through packaging, marketing and lots of hard work you get people to buy their first pack. If they like it they buy another pack a week later, tell their friends about it and whoosh the market will flourish.

So it should be with renewables…

There are some great stories out there how ordinary people are saving a heck of a lot of money off their energy bills and at the same time contributing greatly to reducing our carbon emmissions. Lets stop all the senseless in-fighting that creates nothing but negativity. If someone has a hang-up about Wind Turbines then get them focussed on Solar. If they don’t like fields of solar then think anerobic digestion or Biomass – whatever it is join the need to get involved in some way. Spread good news not bad.

Don’t be put off by costs or salesman promising the earth. Research using and link to people who know what they are talking about and can help you to become part of the revolution.

Small Change = Big Difference

Start small and change to a green energy supplier – its so easy!!! Talk to Companies like Good Energy with their simple tariffs, longer term pricing and the fact that you get to talk to people who really care. All the energy that they sell is generated by renewable projects many of which are here in the South West.

Think about your community, where could they create energy projects and with organisations like Energize Stur Valley’s Industrial Provident Society they can create their own funding and share the profits equally between the local people.

I was encouraged yesterday in meeting our local MP Bob Walter. Starting at 8.30am we had an hour with the ESV team to discuss and see where its possible for Bob to support the drive for renewable energy. I think its fair to say that he is fully aware and supportive of the potential of renewable energy. The opportunities for increased local employment and investment is crucial to any MP. His key concern is to protect the countryside whilst finding solutions to getting Dorset on the renewable roadmap. We all stressed the need for good honest discussion and finding ways to breakdown the objections and barriers.

Currently we are frankly not pulling our weight, so wake up now Dorset its time to stand up and be counted! To many people this is life or death. To others its just keeping ourselves warm and dry during this coming Winter.

Whatever it is, let us debate, explore and find ways of coming together for future generations of people both in Dorset, the UK and Worldwide.

Thank you Bob for listening- we look forward to the next stage!


Lets Get Energized says:
Ace Energy help Salway Ash Primary School in Bridport go green

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Salway Ash wind turbine1

Salway Ash School1

Salway As ASHPs1

Passionate in its the efforts to green up community buildings across the south west, North Dorset based Ace Energy helped win over £70,000 in grant funding to install renewable energy at Salway Ash Primary School near Bridport in Dorset. The company went on to install solar PV, two air source heat pumps and a wind turbine all of which provide renewable heat and power to the new Eco Assembly Hall at the school. Salway Ash now have 32 kW of green energy being supplied to their primary school which is saving hugely on fuel bills and helping protect the environment now and for many years to come.

School Governor Melanie Kennedy commented:
“Ace Energy has helped us put together an innovative renewable energy scheme as part of the building project to create a spacious new environmentally conscious extension to our small village school. The company has provided us with advice, technical information, specifications and quotes for the systems together with clear instructions regarding all the grant funding available for these systems and invaluable guidance through this complicated process. If you are looking for clear and easily understandable advice, full detailed technical information, a prompt response and strong support together with comprehensive help on the grants system, I have no hesitation in recommending the service Ace Energy provides to anyone considering Renewable energy technologies.”

Community schemes like Salway Ash continue to attract large amounts of funding and will save enormously in energy bills – and of course help create a cleaner greener environment.

Contact Ace Energy if you would like to consider renewable energy for your community scheme or commercial building.

Excellent examples where funds can be gained include care homes, educational buildings, farms, charities – even businesses can apply for full funding on such schemes – so why not get in touch to see what can be done to benefit your project – you’ve nothing to lose but so very much to gain from renewable energy!

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