Professor Chris Rhodes is speaking at the Thomas Hardy School in Dorchester from 7.00 until 8.15pm on Monday 24th September 2012 on ‘What happens when the oil runs out’.

Professor Chris Rhodes is an independent consultant dealing with energy and environment issues and is currently involved in projects concerning land remediation; heavy metal and radioactive waste management; alternative fuels and energy sources based on biomass and algae; and hydrothermal conversion of biomass and algae to biochar, fuels and feedstocks. His publications run to 180 articles and 5 books and he writes a monthly column for on “Future Energies”.

For further reading check out  Professor Chris Rhodes’ Blog Energy Balance at:

All Community Lectures at Thomas Hardy School are FREE, but by ticket only, available from the school Reception but donations are welcomed at the end of each lecture (the money raised goes to charitable causes).

Please contact the school to check there are tickets available: