Welcome to the brand new blog for Dorset Energized

We want to help you get energised and be part of the green revolution of people connecting with our natural world through renewable energy.

We would like to help everyone feel informed about why renewable and sustainable energy is important. We provide some information on the backgrounds of peak oil, climate change, and sustainable living to help demonstrate this.

We would like to help everyone know what renewable technologies are available, and their advantages and disadvantages. So that you can have confidence in exploring the options that will work for you. After all, there’s little point learning about how to install a small hydro-electricity system if you don’t have access to suitable running water!

Connecting you with renewable energy

We will provide impartial advice and information and can put you in touch with a number of friendly local experts.
Our aim is to provide the information you need, in a friendly format, and to support you connecting with renewable energy.

This website and blog was set up by a few guys who thought it was a good idea. We first met in a meeting of the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Low Carbon Partnership’s Community Sustainable Energy Working Group, a partnership of organisations and individuals in Dorset formed to support the take-up of renewable energy by community groups and initiatives. This one of a number of groups whose aims are to help Dorset achieve the targets set out in its Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Strategies.

The key aim of the Renewable Energy Strategy is to increase the number of individuals and organisations taking advantage of renewable and sustainable energy in Dorset, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to reduce our CO2 emissions. Dorset is a very beautiful county and contains such fabulous areas of outstanding natural beauty, supporting high biodiversity and many rare species. Living here helps us to understand how much more we need to work together with nature, rather than against.

Look out for the official launch of our full website soon and in the meantime check out the information on our Renewable Energy page and enjoy blog contributions from a range of our selected local advisors.

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