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Lets Get Energized says:
My New Nissan LEAF by Ben Michael

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I’m Ben Michael, a Sales Executive for FJ Chalke Nissan, Wincanton. The Nissan LEAF is my company car, and I travel to and from my home in Wellington everyday. The following is my views on the Nissan LEAF and how my experience has been over the last month.

Firstly the ride comfort is sensational, but the way the Nissan LEAF handles, picks up speed, and how quiet it is, make it such a peaceful commute everyday. I believe the LEAF to be the best solution against Petrol/Diesel, purely on how easy it is to re-charge, and the rapid charge to always fall back on… which in the near future I hope they’ll be a lot more around!

Charging my LEAF at home is both safe, and convenient. I can truly say I love driving my new car, luxurious inside with all the ‘bells and whistles’, but hassle free and an enjoyable commute of 90 miles a day. It is truly a superb alternative for people who do little mileage, and wish to save a lot of money in the long run.


Beverley Satchell says:
Nissan LEAF Test Drive Week for Climate Week

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I’m Beverley, the Electric Vehicle Sales Manager for the Nissan LEAF at FJ Chalke, Wincanton. We are very proud to be in partnership with Dorset Energized.

This revolutionary new car is the world’s first affordable 100% electric car with zero emissions and has impressed the media and potential customers alike, as well as picking up two of the motor industry’s biggest accolades by becoming both the European and World Car of the Year 2011 which, seeing as it is the first electric car to ever achieve this, shows just how good it really is.

I haven’t been in car sales for long at all, and the Nissan LEAF is the first and only car I have ever specialised in. Customers sometimes are too afraid to walk into a dealership in case they are thrown into a massive sales pitch, when all the really want to do is take a look at a car, and possibly test drive it.  So to celebrate Climate Week, FJ Chalke will hold a test drive open week for the Nissan LEAF 12th to 17th March. No strings attached, just come in, take a look at the LEAF and getting a feel for the car by taking it for a test drive and experience the real deal for yourself. All we would ask for is feedback.



Beverley Satchell says:
FJ Chalke Supply Glastonbury Festival Founder Michael Eavis with 100% Electric Nissan LEAF

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Founder and organiser of the world famous Glastonbury Festival, Michael Eavis, is one of the countries biggest pioneers for all things environmentally friendly and advances in eco-technology. He has had 1200 solar panels fitted to the roof of one of his farm buildings and, along with his staff, is always looking at other ways of reducing CO2 emissions and running costs of the farm, right up to the point where plans are being drawn up to have a third reservoir made to utilise hydro-electricity.

So when FJ Chalke Wincanton introduced the Nissan LEAF to him, he jumped at the chance to give it a go. Currently driving a car on loan from us he has already expressed the desire to buy the vehicle. With the car charging from electricity generated by his solar panels Mr Eavis is enjoying totally free motoring. He is very impressed with how the car performs and what it is like to drive. Enjoying it so much his wife started a daily blog detailing how the car is used and how it is versatile and practical enough to handle a multitude of day to day activities. Whisper quiet to drive it does not disturb the peaceful surroundings of their farm and local village.

Like Nissan and the team at FJ Chalke he firmly believes that electric cars are the future, Nissan has proven the technology is here and that it works, and works well. He has even thought of installing a charge point near the entrance to Worthy Farm so local people who invest in an electric car, so therefore a greener future, can come and charge up.

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  • Dorset Energized comments:
    "Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis has just signed another 6 month lease with Dorset Energized partners FJ Chalke on his Nissan LEAF! "
    June 12, 2012 a 11:14 am


Beverley Satchell says:
DEStination Travel Wincanton Taxis Upgrade to Nissan LEAF

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Des Chant from DEStination Travel collecting his new Nissan LEAF from FJ Chalke Wincanton

DEStination Travel are a local taxi company based in Wincanton. They specialise in airport and seaport travel but they also have contracts for local schools. With a fleet consisting of buses, minibuses and mostly cars, it was important to them to find a way of reducing running costs and their carbon footprint. A company clearly conscious of the environment and their affect on it lead them to have solar panels fitted to the roof of their building. The next step was to look at the running of the fleet.

They bought a Nissan LEAF from FJ Chalke Wincanton because it was perfect for the local school journeys and town to town runs. Not using one of the petrol cars for this work has meant fuel is being saved. They are really happy with the LEAF and still very impressed with how much cheaper it is to run and maintain compared to their other cars. No engine, no oil, no gearbox and no exhaust mean servicing is drastically reduced in cost. It comes with the added advantage for business users; LEAF is 100% tax deductable in the first year.

LEAF is able to carry 5 adults comfortably and has a generous boot space, making it more than suitable for use as a taxi. Its smooth, quiet ride makes it a relaxing journey for passengers. It is also among the safest cars on the road, being awarded 5 STARS in the Euro NCAP Crash Safety rating.



Beverley Satchell says:
Crestmoor Construction Save over £11K on fuel costs with the Nissan LEAF

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Local building contractors Crestmoor Construction, who work closely with Somerset and Dorset County Councils with highways maintenance, were originally contacted by Shane Rendall at FJ Chalke Wincanton regarding Nissan’s commercial vehicles. After a conversation with the Director of Crestmoor Construction, Kenny Higgins, it became apparent that they were more interested in reducing the company’s carbon footprint. This is important to them because they work so closely with the county councils who are required to greatly reduce their own carbon footprint by 2015. For them this means using contractors who make efforts to boost their green credentials.

The Nissan LEAF achieves this perfectly, NO exhaust means ZERO emissions. Mr Higgins was also very interested in taking advantage of the LEAFs other big benefit, being 100% tax deductable in the first year. The car is used to travel between sites and for surveying, the have made a huge saving on fuel costs, this is due to a comparison made on their previous vehicle. It is worked out over 3 years and compares the LEAF with their Nissan Pathfinder automatic and covers their average mileage of 500 miles a month. The results of which are astounding.

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5DCi Auto Fuel per month – £320
Fuel for the Year – £3840
Over 3 Years – £11,520
3 Years worth of Road Tax – £1,500
Running cost £13,020
This figure does not include hefty servicing and insurance costs.

Nissan LEAF
1 full charge – £1.47 (off peak)
2 charges a week – £2.94
Monthly charging cost – £11.76
Yearly charging cost – £141.12
Total for 3 years in electric – £423.36 (off peak) or £820.80 (on peak)
This figure does not include insurance. The car is tax exempt and servicing will be considerably cheaper.

So using a LEAF saves them £11,096 on fuel alone which proves that LEAF was the answer to drastically bring down running costs and improve their carbon footprint, and now they have achieved this even more than they thought was possible. To promote their green credentials whilst out and about on the road, they had the car decaled with their logo.


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
My Route into Electric Cycling

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First steps

It was in 2000 that I first discovered Electric Bikes. I was living in Dorchester, having moved to town from Tolpuddle and living in a flat with no parking I had given up the car. But I was beginning to get bored with walking everywhere so thinking it would be fun I went out and bought myself a Dahon folding mountain bike from Halfords. It struck me though as I was riding the bike home from the shop that although my mind seemed to think I was fit enough to zoom along as I had when I was a teenager, my body was altogether less sure.

A week or so later, during lunchtime at work, I happened to be wandering around the internet and came across a cycling shop called Kinetics that sold kits to turn a bicycle into an electrically assisted machine. I was intrigued – perhaps this might help me. Trouble was the price for the kits was about 6 times what I’d payed for the mountain bike. It just seemed too much to pay – but one evening at home I noticed that Kinetics had a bulletin board on their site where people were selling things and lo and behold there was an electric bike kit for sale and at a decent price. I quickly contacted the vendor and we agreed the price and the cost of the postage and shortly the kit arrived.

The kit in question was manufactured by a German company called Heinzmann and it seemed the person I had bought the kit from was fluent in German as the instructions were in that language. However there were plenty of illustrations and the Kinetic website had many pictures of Heinzmann kits fitted to customers bikes.

So without too many problems and only a few bruised fingers I managed to add the kit to my bike – although not the Dahon, as I had realised that maybe carrying a mountain bike to my second storey flat with the electric kit installed might not be much fun, so I’d bought the cheapest mountain bike that Halfords sold, and had fitted the kit to that.

My first electric bike ride

The first ride was a revelation – the motor would not it seemed pull away for standstill without me pedalling as well, but once I was moving I found myself pedalling to keep up with the motor. How fast I was going I had no idea, but it certainly was fun and there was definitely a lot of wind ruffling my hair.



Anna Celeste Watson says:
Dorset Energized Good Energy Special Offer

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Switch to Good Energy and get £25 off your first bill when you quote ‘Dorset Energized’

We’ve already lined up some great offers for you! Dorset Energized are proud to be in partnership with Good Energy, the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier. All of their electricity is generated using natural power from the wind, water and sun or through sustainable biogeneration. That means no carbon, no nuclear and no fossil fuels.

If you switch to Good Energy, quote ‘Dorset Energized’ and they’ll give you £25 off your first bill.

Visit their website at or phone 0845 456 1640.


Anna Celeste Watson says:
Welcome to Dorset Energized

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Welcome to the brand new blog for Dorset Energized

We want to help you get energised and be part of the green revolution of people connecting with our natural world through renewable energy.

We would like to help everyone feel informed about why renewable and sustainable energy is important. We provide some information on the backgrounds of peak oil, climate change, and sustainable living to help demonstrate this.

We would like to help everyone know what renewable technologies are available, and their advantages and disadvantages. So that you can have confidence in exploring the options that will work for you. After all, there’s little point learning about how to install a small hydro-electricity system if you don’t have access to suitable running water!

Connecting you with renewable energy

We will provide impartial advice and information and can put you in touch with a number of friendly local experts.
Our aim is to provide the information you need, in a friendly format, and to support you connecting with renewable energy.

This website and blog was set up by a few guys who thought it was a good idea. We first met in a meeting of the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Low Carbon Partnership’s Community Sustainable Energy Working Group, a partnership of organisations and individuals in Dorset formed to support the take-up of renewable energy by community groups and initiatives. This one of a number of groups whose aims are to help Dorset achieve the targets set out in its Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Strategies.

The key aim of the Renewable Energy Strategy is to increase the number of individuals and organisations taking advantage of renewable and sustainable energy in Dorset, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to reduce our CO2 emissions. Dorset is a very beautiful county and contains such fabulous areas of outstanding natural beauty, supporting high biodiversity and many rare species. Living here helps us to understand how much more we need to work together with nature, rather than against.

Look out for the official launch of our full website soon and in the meantime check out the information on our Renewable Energy page and enjoy blog contributions from a range of our selected local advisors.

Make sure you sign up to our mailing list here to be the first to hear when our full website launches and for more exclusive special offers. You can also connect with us on Twitter and Facebook – we hope to see you there too!

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