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Paul McIntosh says:
Dorset FlexiCars expanding into Weymouth and Blandford Forum

Category: Electric Transport, Sustainable Living

There is a shift in thinking regarding car use. A growing number of people are no longer aspiring to own a car due to rising costs and environmental issues, such as climate change and congestion. These people are turning to other forms of transport which are cheaper and kinder to the environment, often using multiple modes of transport to replace the car. Other people are selling their second car, which sits on the driveway most of the time, costing its owner’s a small fortune in depreciation.

Car clubs are a relatively new solution to this problem and are rapidly expanding throughout the country…

Dorset Flexicars offers its members access to nearly new, fully insured and well maintained vehicles to hire by the hour. This allows members to use other forms of transport like walking, cycling and public transport, and then on the occasions when they really need to use a car, they have one available to them. The club also has a number of business users who use the vehicles.

Company Secretary, Pete West, said “My wife and I live in Dorchester and used to own 2 cars, just in case both of us needed to use a vehicle at the same time. Since joining Dorset Flexicars we have sold one car, saving approximately £1000 per year in devaluation, tax, MOT and insurance (and saving the hassle of car ownership). Now we can book a car on–line if we both need to use a car at the same time. The Car Club is ideal for anyone who just needs to use a car now and again.”

Dorset Flexicars C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company which exists for the benefit of the community and is “not for profit”, which guarantees members great value for money.

The club is now expanding into Weymouth and Blandford Forum after securing grant funding. This has paid for four new cars, which will offer the people of these Towns the opportunity to try out this scheme.

If you want to know more, or wish to become a member; visit, email or call 08456 211 611.


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Paravelo: The world’s first flying bicycle

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

Another great idea this Green Transport Week 2013?! Not sure it’s quite my thing or within the reach of my bank balance, but the inventors have been busy and a new form of combined transport has appeared on the horizon, or rather, above it!

The Paravelo launched on Kickstarter promises to give you affordable flying on (believe it or not) a bicycle. It sure looks interesting and seems quite a practical proposition if you have a head for heights. Perhaps one day we’ll see these in the air above Dorset – perhaps visitors bringing tourist pounds to the county on their ‘Flamping’ (flying and camping – the Paravelo incorporates a tent as well) holidays.

So, the Paravelo, as versatile as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – and cheaper to run!

Check out the video below:

For full details visit the following links: and


Simon Jonathan Naish Rayson says:
Green Transport Week: A Smart New Electric Bike

Category: Electric Transport, Renewable Energy Film/Video

This week is Green Transport Week 2013 (14th -23rd June) and so far it’s got to be said that Electric Bicycles are only a very small part of the bicycle market – only 25,000 were sold in the UK last year, which represents just 1% of all bicycles sold. But conceivably a new entry into the eBike market might begin to change the picture. Smart, the subsidiary of Mercedes and famed for their small cars, have just brought out an Electric Bicycle of their own – the Smart Electric Bike.

The new Smart Electric Bike is clearly aimed at those looking to find a new way to manage the practical task of commuting and of course doing so in style. Thus the Smart Electric Bike not only looks slick, but also seeks to deliver the rider to work effortlessly and indeed cleanly, being equipped with an oil free belt drive, instead of the usual oily chain. It uses the well established BionX motor which is well known for it’s silent and powerful operation – plus it can return some charge to the battery using regenerative braking. Range on a fully charged battery is claimed to be 70 miles which of course depends on terrain and the amount of pedalling effort the rider puts in, but with the comparatively large 423kwh battery 30+ miles without needing to recharge is clearly a possibility – and being a bike that just needs a plug point, recharging at work or home is easy, and indeed cheap.

Of course this is not the cheapest eBike on the market (although a very attractive Hire Purchase arrangement is available @ £59 pcm for 36 months) – but it is clearly the result of a very considered design process and carrying as it does the Smart (and thus Mercedes) name it might get more people into the joys (and practical advantages) of electric cycling.

Have a look at the Smart Electric Bike here for more info:

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